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“Mashblox is a great tool to use for Baby Led Weaning because it allows her to decide if she wants the food/is hungry or not. If she isn't interested/hungry, she will just chew on the blox as a teether.” – Cass, Mum of ‘Til, now 6 months.

9 month old Alice would react like this every time she was spoon fed.

We’re guessing you’ve clicked here because you’re intrigued by self-feeding… Or are you already doing baby led weaning? Or you’ve got a bub that just doesn’t like being spoon fed, like 9 month old Alice.

On the rare occasions that Alice let the spoon get to her mouth, she would spit out most of the food anyway (the “tongue extrusion reflex” is pretty common). This wasn’t a problem when she did it herself with Mashblox.

Since Mashblox applies kids’ instincts to put everything in their mouth, the younger they start, the sooner they’re likely to develop the motor skills to “get it”. However, please don’t worry if this doesn’t happen immediately!

We’ve discovered that sometimes they need a bit of help when they’re just starting out. We suggest turning it around so they find the slit, or demonstrating that Mashblox is a feeding thing.

Sometimes younger bubs might need you to hold it for them until they can grip it. This still lets them set the pace of feeding, like breastfeeding.

Dana got Mashblox when Olivia was 7 months, as a complement to baby led weaning for messy foods like yoghurt. We checked in after a week:

“She's going well so far. I've used it mostly for yogurt and stewed fruit during lunch and dinner. She can't figure out how to open it herself yet but loves playing with it. Then I open it for her to get to the food.”

We also asked if it was actually saving mess after seeing the tray table:

Yes, it definitely saves mess with yoghurt, fruit, porridge, Weetbix, etc. Normally, I would give her a pre-loaded spoon with these foods, but often the food ends up all over the floor, clothing and tray as well as her mouth. I’ve noticed she enjoys feeding herself with the Mashblox as it gives her control of her eating - she’s not waiting for us to re-load the spoon after each mouthful.

 “They’ve also come in handy for teethers. We half fill them with water and freeze it, then she uses the slit as a handle to chew on the frozen water/silicone.”

Olivia’s still going strong, and her parents report she has a really positive relationship with food, enjoys mealtimes, eats a variety of foods and feeds herself confidently. They also think the Mashblox has been great for developing her fine motor skills.

Cass does a combination of parent led and baby led weaning. “I like baby led weaning as it gives her an opportunity to explore her food (texture, colour, smell) and gives her some independence when it comes to feeding herself.”

Her daughter ‘Til started Mashblox on her 5-month birthday. She needed a bit of help to hold and squeeze it, but it was an instant favourite teether, and she’s come along in leaps and bounds in only a month:

“It helps assist with her hand eye coordination as she hones in her always developing skills, and we can use food as a game in this way to help her through her leaps. It's also a great way to buy myself time to get things done. I can set her up in the high chair in the kitchen and do my dishes etc. while she eats/plays with her food but she is still safely supervised.”

“Mashblox is a great tool to use for baby led weaning because it allows her to decide if she wants the food/is hungry or not. If she isn't interested/hungry, she will just chew on the blox as a teether. If she is interested/hungry, she is driven by her hunger to explore the blox and put effort in to getting the food out.”

She’s getting closer to being able to handle Mashblox with complete independence, and it’s also saving on floor clean-up!
According to Mum: “Her hand eye coordination has improved a lot over the last month and you can definitely see that when you watch her handle the blox”

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