The Messy Eater

"If he wasn’t into his food or if he had enough, it was strewn all over the place!".

Phil first passed up on Mashblox because at 9 months, his baby boy Jack was a great eater and he initially thought they were only a fussy eating tool.

But, at 11 months old, Jack discovered what wonderful fun it is to throw food! So his Grandma took some Mashblox with her on a visit to see if they would help.

We got an enthusiastic update later the same day:
“The Mashblox arrived this morning with Mum and Dad, Jack already has a favourite one that he has been carrying around all afternoon here!”

Then, we checked in with Phil after a week or so: 
“Jack is going great, we have been mixing up veggies and mashed potato and so on in the Mashblox, and combined with the advice we were given to teach him not to throw his food, we have seen a big reduction.”

This advice includes clearing food away as soon as it starts getting thrown, being firm but calm to say “No”, and to not pick up or give back anything after its been dropped more than once. Mashblox prevents too much carnage when food is dropped.

At 14 months, Phil assured us that “He will snack with them now, especially if we are out and about, and he has pretty much stopped throwing food.”

“He still loves to eat with his hands and we change it up between a plate and the Mashblox, but he uses baby sign language to tell us he is all done, and we now have a cleaner floor and a cleaner Jack after meals!”

As you probably know, food throwing isn’t an uncommon issue. The level of food mess left on the baby or tray table varies greatly between kids and what they are getting but we’re getting plenty of feedback that there is less mess, which means less work for parents!

Shelley also tells us about her niece’s habit of cleaning her hands by rubbing them on the floor, and how Mashblox is saving her carpet!

Do you have any messy baby stories or mess saving tips? Please let us know your experience through the contact form or on social media and we’ll pass it on to help other parents!

Kat volunteered:

"Madelyn (14months) loves to feed herself, but breakfast time was always tricky...and messy! After seeing Mashblox at the Canberra Kids Market, we couldn't wait to try them! Weatbix & fruit puree worked a treat & while she still got quite messy, the floor didn't. I can't wait to see if she will be more open to veggies this way too! Thanks Alix."

We followed up and suggested trying Mashblox with something green, such as chopped wilted spinach flavoured with ricotta, and received this wonderful news:

“We have had success!! Tried spinach, green peas & a little bit of coconut yogurt (Madelyn is dairy intolerant). She is still so curious and loves to investigate the mashblox & explore what is inside. Very excited that she was so happy to eat green veg. The mashblox really makes it fun.”

This is especially exciting news to Mashblox since broccoli is usually the only vegetable that Madelyn will eat:

“She doesn't usually eat peas or spinach if they are just put on her plate.... she much prefers to feed them one by one to our dog over the side of her high c hair  But not this time!”

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