The Fussy Eater

“We thought he didn’t like porridge. We tried it in Mashblox and it turns out he just doesn’t like having things shoved in his mouth” – Sam, Mum of Eddie, 10.5 months

The Fussy Eater

Fussy eating was the first thing we realised that Mashblox could help with. Kids can pretend they don’t like a food based on how it looks on a plate, but what if it’s not on a plate? 

Mashblox supports many expert recommendations for handling fussy eating including making meals fun, and allowing kids to use their hands, as well as toddler demands such as making sure foods don’t touch.

The hypothesis is that if kids love Mashblox, which they do, then they’ll be more prepared to eat foods they don’t like as much from Mashblox cubes.

It seems natural that kids would be more prepared to be experimental with foods if it’s under their own terms.


We’re getting heaps of feedback, and what we’ve learned is that fussy eating is not all about flavour! It’s often about how the food looks or feels, or how it’s fed to them.

Take it from Lauren, mum of 11month old Owen:

“Picked up a Mashblox… and it was a big hit! Banana usually gets tossed and not eaten, put it in the Mashblox and it was devoured!!”

Kids, right?! I can understand if someone doesn’t like the flavour, but we pretty much evolved eating bananas, so who would have thought that there would be any other reason they’d be refused?

We checked in with Lauren a month later to see how Owen was going:

“Things are great! Owen just loves exploring everything that goes in the mashblox. Still loves mash banana and avocado but new fave is Greek yoghurt with mixed berries!!”

Deeana didn’t just have a fussy eater; her 3-year-old daughter has a medical condition requiring certain foods. Mum couldn’t make her eat them though… until Mashblox!

“She won’t eat avocado, but if it’s in Mashblox she will. That’s really important when she’s got low ketone epilepsy”

We’re even hearing about fussy 4-year-olds that are seeing benefits:
“Zeb is a picky eater but when he discovered Mashblox, he’s now good food buddies with my Yzekiel!” – Cecille, of her 2-year-old, and his cousin.


We just love hearing about kids eating healthy foods because of Mashblox. (Please let us know!!)

And because we know how many kids struggle with their greens, we’ve set a challenge for parents to test if Mashblox will help.

We want to hear about whether your kids will eat green mushy foods out of Mashblox, and what your experiences are. This information will be used to inform university research into Mashblox and fussy eating.

We suggest introducing Mashblox with other mushy foods, and then when your child is familiar, casually introducing something green, such as mashed peas, chopped wilted spinach and ricotta, or guacamole, especially if they do not usually like these things.

Then, let us know and upload a picture to FacebookInstagram or our website contact form

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