Encouraging healthy self-eating

Starting solids is a fun and exciting time! There are so many new and interesting sensations that bub couldn’t have imagined. Here opens a window of opportunity to gradually introduce flavours and age appropriate textures that can help set the variety of their tastes for life.

This is also the time that they start learning how to eat. How fast to eat, how much to eat, and when to stop are all important lessons that will carry through to childhood and beyond.

Self-feeding empowers babies to learn for themselves what suits their body and energy needs, but also opens a spectrum of food experiences that aren’t possible with spoon feeding purees only.

Mashblox offers a new self-feeding alternative to help bub with all those gummy, mushy, messy foods in between finger foods and puree: eggs, avocado, oats, Weet-bix, stewed fruit, quiche or veggie mash to name a few.

We recommend using Mashblox for mush foods as part of a range of self-feeding methods including offering soft stick foods such as al dente pasta, peeled cucumber sticks, soft boiled carrot etc. This will optimise their chances of enjoying a wider range of nutritious foods as they grow. A win for bub and parents alike!

Self-feeding with this range also allows bub to be a part of family meals eating similar foods to you: which means that they’re less like to learn to demand something special as they grow. Remember that they’re also watching and learning how you handle veggies! So if you want them to voluntarily eat nutritious foods, you need to do the same as well.

“We thought he didn’t like porridge. We tried it in Mashblox and it turns out he just doesn’t like having things shoved in his mouth” – Sam, Mum of Eddie, 10.5 months

 “Madelyn (14mo) loves to feed herself, but breakfast time was always tricky… and messy! After seeing Mashblox at the Canberra Kids Market we couldn’t wait to try them! Weatbix & fruit puree worked a treat & while she still got quite messy, the floor didn’t! I can’t wait to see if she will be more open to vegies this way too! Thanks Alix ­čśŐ” - K

How Mashblox can help your child to self-feed at different stages of their development


  • Mashblox keeps mushy foods contained so that they aren’t flung everywhere so easily.

  • Mashblox is an easier way to introduce new solids as bub can investigate and self-feed. If your bub is already used to Mashblox, then new foods don’t seem so strange if they’re served inside.

  • Watch them learn where to find the food and how to access it by squeezing, playing and exploring. It’s great practise for bubs looking to master the pincer grip, too!

  • Mashblox can even be used as a teething aid. Simply half-fill with water, freeze and let your little one gnaw away.

Toddlers and up

  • Sometimes, fussy eating is more about the way a food looks or feels rather than how it tastes. Most of the time, toddlers prefer to do it themselves. Mashblox helps alleviate both of these problems.

  • If your toddler likes to play with their food and move it around the plate rather than eat it, Mashblox might be the perfect solution. You can see clearly how much has gone through Mashblox. They hold 80mL.

  • Mashblox is a waste-free lunchbox hack; fill them with yoghurt, sultanas, chopped veggies, cheese...the options are endless. The best part is Mashblox are 100% reusable!

    You can still do yoghurt on nude food days.

  • Use your Mashblox to create tasty treats for summer! You can make smoothies, fill them with yoghurt or even organic juice for a healthy ice blox snack. All you need to do is add a paddle pop stick, peel back and enjoy!