Our vision

Mashblox vision is that infant self feeding becomes the new status quo globally.

We don’t mind what method of self feeding you choose, but it’s too important to long term health (as well as less stressful mealtimes!) than for emerging research to go unnoticed by public.

So why aren’t more people aware of it?

Research has been limited by the choking risk of current self feeding methods. Anything solid enough for the child to grab to bring to their mouth, is often too solid to safely ingest.

Mashblox offers a practical tool that kids can handle mush foods themselves, before they can handle cutlery. Because they’re tactile and playful, they also encourage independent interest in healthy foods.

So we intend to use this among a suite of self feeding tactics to advance research globally.

This inspired our whole research led business model.


What we believe


  • No one knows how much a child needs to eat better than the child. Their cues may be very subtle, too. But when previous generations were raised with values to “finish their plate”, how often do we listen?
  • Kids have greater capacity than we give them credit, they just need to be met on level.
  • This ranges from self-feeding to basic self care: they just need the tools. “Give kids independence when they’re ready for it, not just when they’re big enough” Quote Little Products www.littleproducts.com.au.
  • Lifelong habits are established very young
    Bottle feeding is correlated with obesity because the child loses the ability to self-regulate for appetite before they finish suckling. I believe spoon feeding has the same affect.


Based on personal experience: For those that have grown up carrying more weight than they need to, the hardest thing about losing it is not avoiding junk foods, but rebuilding eating patterns they never had.  

My personal mission is to do whatever I can to ensure that others needn’t face the painful struggles that I have.