Our team

There are many more behind the scenes, but here are some of the front line making the magic happen:


Alix O'Hara

Inventor, Founder, CEO

I’m proudest of Universities around the world taking interest in my hypothesis, and negotiating to research it with them, using Mashblox as a tool.

Outside of Mashblox, I haven’t done much in a while, to be honest… But I am looking forward to one day painting again.

April Connell

Mashblox’ Resident Nutritionist

April is a University qualified nutritionist with a passion for helping people of all ages make and maintain long-term healthy eating habits. 

As a mum of three, April understands kids!  She understands the fun, frustration and rewards that come with introducing foods to babies and children, and the importance of the long term impacts it has on their wellbeing. 

April brings common-sense and practical advice to Mashblox, backed by the latest in scientific evidence.


Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Biology Majoring in Human Nutrition – University of Canberra (2008)

Masters of Human Nutrition – Deakin University (to be completed in February 2019)

Dawn O'Hara

Mum, and Grandmother to Mashblox

Dawn has been a wonderful help at markets, and singlehandedly manned the 1300 number and product delivery. A lot of the more creative market ideas are hers and, being a Mum, she’s always had a keen practical understanding of both the Mashblox product and self-feeding concept.

She has a penchant for wet-look leggings and black leather boots with zipper detail (and can pull it off), and Alix can suddenly see where she got her sense of style.

Cecille Velasco De Guzman

The Voice on the Phone

Playing a rewarding role as a mother to 2.7 year old son, Yzekiel, Cecille is a first-time Mum who went through all ups and downs of giving the best for her bub.

While fascinated by Alix's passion about raising healthy bubs through self-feeding, Cecille enjoys being part of the Mashblox family as customer care support. Mashblox is truly heaven sent!

Cecille would have been a painter or a poet if she wasn’t busy being a working mum!

She believes that being a parent is like an endless journey of learning and researching, so you can come up with your own unique way of doing a great job.

Marissa Batty

Social media strategist
Marissa is our social media strategist here at Mashblox. She has a passion for food, kids and social media which makes her a kinda perfect fit. When she’s not writing the perfect caption or designing a rad graphic for our Instagram page, you can find her chasing her two kids Oliver (4) and Mila (10 months) around / chugging copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake.



Tracy is the most effervescent introvert you’ll ever meet. She has such a natural talent for marketing and brand building that Alix had to bring her on board when she heard her just casually talking about it, with so much passion, while having lunch with a mutual friend at a Kingston café. 


As Marketing Coordinator, Tracy promotes Mashblox events and aligns advertising opportunities for brand awareness.

Outside of Mashblox, she’s a high flying public servant, loves dance, travelling overseas and visiting her two nieces in Sydney.