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You may have clicked through from a number of places and I want to be sure you’re getting the right information, because context is important. Every child is different, but if you see enough fussy eating styles you start to draw patterns, and that helps you help others.  

This is what I can help with:

6 months to 1 year:

How to introduce foods to set them up for their best relationship with food and their bodies.  

This page is basically what we all knew instinctively about baby feeding and practiced for millennia before we started developing silly rules, standards and anxieties about it. Yes, I believe that mothers had less maternal anxiety once upon a time, that this can be helped with the right tools and philosophy, and the research is that the benefits to our kids last.

This is how we reclaim that peace of mind.

The Missing Piece to Baby Led Weaning
   (Of course you can, bubba x)


[Or click here for the difference between baby led weaning and infant self-feeding]

9 months to 3.5 years:

Boy pushing away greens. Caption, "I don't wanna eat that. Why should I?"

If you’re pretty sure that your bub’s fussy eating is a phase, but gosh it’d be nice if they ate more fruit and veg, or if they didn’t kick    up a stink if their toast is cut wrong, go here: 

  Fussy Eating Management
 (Thankyou very much)


This page is for fussy eaters that are probably doing it for the power-play. 


Extreme fussy eater crying at Mum trying to spoon feed

If you’re pretty sure that there’s something more than that going on but you’re not sure what it is or what to do about it, go here:

Hacking Fussy Feeding


 (AKA, "OMG get that away from me")
Roly poly baby, "Could I be overeating?"

   Or if they’re probably overeating and you       don’t know why, then this page is for you:

  Helping Chubby Bubs
 (And that's okay too, bub)


If you already know how to use Mashblox for your child, then this is your shortcut:

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Please note that I do not have any specific recommendations for children with physiological reasons to be fussy because they have difficulty eating properly. These can be subtle, before they develop fussy habits for emotional reasons.
Symptoms include frequent gagging (they may not be able to swallow properly) or an interest in liquid only foods (they may not be able to chew properly).

Please see a paediatrician about these things.

Wishing you happy, healthy baby mealtimes 😊

Alix O'Hara, 2022

Alix, 2022


Author, Mashblox Inventor, Entrepreneur
& Fussy Eating Coach

Alix is a multi-award-winning inventor and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to helping parents make mealtimes easier, and helping young children avoid the challenges and pain that dysfunctional feeding created in her life.

“The most important thing in the world to me is just to #LetThemFeedThemselves. I’ve got a whole thesis on why. This just explains how to use Mashblox for fussy eating.”

Mashblox mission statement:

Mashblox isn’t just a product.

It’s pioneering an #InfantSelfFeeding movement.

Infant self-feeding science worldwide knows the benefits to fussy eating, infant obesity intervention, and to general mealtime harmony, but until now there has been no guaranteed way to make it safe and practical for all infants and parents. That’s what Mashblox brings to the table.

Mashblox purpose is to empower children to eat only as much as they need, and to discover that they actually do like eating healthy foods! ... As long as they don't have to see or touch them first. 

We believe that nobody knows better how much a child needs to eat than the child themselves, so best practice is to #LetThemFeedThemselves