Founder and CEO, Alix O’Hara, provides answers to the most frequently asked questions she gets asked about Mashblox – a self-feeding cube for babies and toddlers.


Is Mashblox safe to use?

Australian made, Mashblox is created from medical-grade silicone, and is certified to Australian/New Zealand Standard ISO 8124.1:2002. Importantly, your child cannot choke on Mashblox, as it will stay intact - no pieces will fall off the cube. It is recommended you boil or sterilise Mashblox before use, and food is cooled through if baking or reheating.


What is the best age to use Mashblox?

It depends on your child. We have experienced 5-month-olds who love Mashblox for teething. At 6 months, they are already learning to handle their own food. On average, 9 months is the age babies tend to “get it”. Kids don’t grow out of Mashblox, it just gets used for different purposes. We have also met 8-year-olds who think Mashblox is “cool” and use them in their lunchboxes.


How do you clean Mashblox?
Turn Mashblox inside out after use and handwash, or store upside down in the dishwasher. The cubes can also be boiled and sterilised.


Why not baby-led weaning (BLW)?
If your baby is developmentally ready for it, baby-led weaning is great! We believe in encouraging babies to feed themselves. There are plenty of healthy ‘mush’ foods that are tricky to eat with your hands – that’s where Mashblox comes in. 


What about cutlery? I don’t want my baby getting addicted to eating out of a box.
Mashblox is not intended to replace cutlery. The benefit of Mashblox is that it provides an alternative option for potentially messy mealtimes or eating-on-the-go. Think: for yoghurt, scrambled eggs, or spaghetti bolognese. Mashblox is deliberately transparent because it is preferable for kids to see and understand what they’re eating.  


What’s the difference between Mashblox and squeezy pouches?
Mashblox’s slit design supports textured foods. Mashblox is also reusable, and a lot easier to get the food out of the corners!


What can I put in Mashblox?
The name “Mashblox” was inspired by mash potato – food of this consistency (and for which your child is ready) is perfect, such as avocado, scrambled eggs, chia, or bolognese with rice. You can freeze foods to be defrosted later or eaten frozen, plus you can also bake in Mashblox, for example, quiche and potato bake.


How is Mashblox less messy?

Mess levels will depend on your child, their stage of development, and what food is in Mashblox. Mushy foods will stay far more contained if dropped in Mashblox than if they were dropped from a spoon or fist. It is particularly helpful when eating out or on-the-go.


This seems like a gimmick to me

Mashblox is versatile and convenient for self-feeding. We constantly receive positive feedback from parents, who value an alternative to using hands or a spoon in this phase.