You are a Mum, a Superhero in Disguise

Hi all!

My name is Ces, I handle the customer care support and website management role for Mashblox. I am so much grateful to share my journey as a first-time mum to my three-year old son, Yzekiel. 

Mashblox have totally enhanced my role as a mum and a passionate writer, too. 

Thanks to our CEO, founder and inventor Alix O'Hara who have been such a motivation and a great mentor to hone my skills while I enjoy being part of this growing team!


‘It’s a privilege and a challenge at the same time.’

I can’t say this in general but rather personal thoughts that can be agreed by many. I’m writing this piece while thinking about a commercial on tv for a chocolate drink. It’s a scenario of a mum who gives all effort to let her son enjoy his childhood. She makes him carton aircraft, they ride a three wheeler together and fly like superman with the red cape she made with her bare hands. It was truly inspiring, relating and heartfelt!

For me, it’s a privilege and a challenge at the same time. I often say this, being a mum is a rewarding role. A reward you get for all efforts and unconditional love you give to your child.

Only my son can tell if I’ve done a great job but mums don’t expect rewards or praises or even special awards, she simply gives all her heart. When you’re a mum, it’s more than getting a perfect score or exceeding expectations. It is giving only the best. ‘Nothing more, nothing less, only the best that you can give.’

In the middle of deep thoughts like this, my son would distract me but it’s the sweetest distraction I ever get while he’s little. His tiny little fingers tickling on my arms or neck when he wants something. I cherish each day while he’s a little boy. His hugs and kisses never fail to fulfill my heart with so much joy. So much about being his mum, I wanted to be his superhero, too – to pamper him when he’s sick, to ease the pain when he’s hurt and to cheer him up if he feels bad. This is the best role I got in my entire life. A superhero who never gets tired because his laughter recharges my system after a long day at work.

I make small little things a huge celebration of fun and time well-spent in his childhood memories. I make toothbrush time like musical and dance play every night just to keep him entertained. I make him appreciate and enjoy the food he eats (of course it’s not always a win win situation here). He gets bored sometimes so I let him eat chocolate ice cream even he had colds. I let him play with water and run around. I let him play outside provided that the gate is closed. I let him get dirty hands, snotty nose and messy hair in the morning. Afternoon naps meant swaying him in my arms or his Dada’s rocking until he fall asleep. In the evening he would love to wear his pair of Mickey mouse pajamas and wear socks, too. I let him scroll magazines, books and picture albums. I let him hold pen and crayons but it ends up a bad move because the newly paint room turn into a rainbow horizon, vandalized by my own beloved son! I let him eat on his own especially when I found out he love his mashed veggies and fruit popsicles in his mashblox. I love to see him being totally independent but there are times he wants to be fed like I used to do when he’s just months old. He loves vitamins and doesn’t resist taking meds so it’s a win win spot for me. I let him decide where to put his toys but usually it’s just neatly scattered on the floor. Looking at my husband’s eyes like what the hell happened in this room? I would cover my mouth when I sneeze and he would pretend sneezing, too and we’ll laugh out loud like what’s so funny? I love these moments. Mum duties is such fulfilling in every little way. I decided to write about this because I know there are mums out there who can share the same sentiments. I know how hard it is to become a mum but we know better than complaining, right? It’s worth the pain. It’s worth celebrating and remembering every quiet moments of your life ( which means they’re busy playing or sleeping). My son would read it one day and felt that he was so much loved and be loved as long as I live.

Don’t be fooled by this sweet thoughts and words of mine. A mother is not always a cheerleader or a sweet angel. Sometimes, she can turn into a tiger, too. I personally admit that I am a disciplinarian rather than raising an unruly child. I raise my voice occasionally and I slap his palm when he’d done something unacceptable. Only my son understands when my eyeballs seem to get out because he’s being completely noisy and fussy in a solemn crowd. Only my son understand my little tight grip on his arm while wearing a calm face because he wants to move around and the event haven’t even started. Trust me, a mother can transform into a dragon letting out a fire when pushed to the limits but only her child understands how it happens. Before I even forgot that I am a mother and a superhero in my son’s eyes, I let out a deep sigh and say ‘Go get out and come back after I cool down!’(‘ Lumabas ka muna, Nak please lang! Leave!) Yeah, Can you imagine, I still even manage to talk to him in English even I’m out of my league? Then he would turn his back and take one more sight, smile and wave goodbye to me saying ‘Baa, baah’’ in a sweet little low voice. I’ll grab and hug him tight with tickles and kisses and feel sorry for myself because, there I lose again.

I don’t get a writer’s block when I’m talking about my son. Pouring out my thoughts like a deep well with overflowing water – full of wishes, full of love and full of hopes and dreams and care. After all, being a mum is the most fulfilling role I ever had. There are times when I talk to him eye to eye when I say something very important and serious, teaching him what’s the right thing he could have done or telling him he can do it right next time. My son would listen and not even wink his eyes when I’m saying something. Moments I treasure a lot because it felt so good being an instrument to mold someone’s moral values while I’m learning a lot about parents’ life.

No one can judge you being good or bad but only your child.They know better than judging because they understand how hard you tried to keep them safe from harm or to raise them as a fine grown up one. Only your child can see all your efforts of sleeping late at night and waking up super early in the morning and play up and down slides on your knees.Sometimes, sleeping is just an imaginary thing when you are a parent.There are times you think, does sleeping parents really exist?Then you tell yourself It’s a joke!A really big joke for others! Only your child knows how you can prepare a delicious mashed pumpkin and spinach when it tastes nothing but bittersweet for others. Only your child appreciates the storytelling, drawing, singing and dancing together until you all lie down in bed and say goodnight but he remains awake because he pleases to turn the lights on. ‘Dear, just turn the lights on so we get down to rest and have some peace!’. His look says "Haha! I win". Said the little fellow lying beside me. I said ‘Go to sleep!'. 

Only in your child’s eyes show your hidden powers that no one ever realized.You are a mum, a superhero in disguise.



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