Our Best Teething Tips

The starring customer question for this week was about teething.

I think Mashblox are a little bit unique in their versatility to serve as a self-feeding product, toy, waste free lunchbox hack, or snackbox at different ages; and yes, they’re also well loved as a teether.

They’re super soft and squishy medical grade silicone, Australian Made and safe to boil or sterilize, so we find Mums that will hand bub an empty one to chew on, which keeps them occupied without giving them food they don’t need.

The best teething tip I have to offer, I learned off one of our very first customers:

  • ❄Freeze 1cm water ❄with the block on its side, with the slit horizontal or Two Mashblox cubes stacked on their sidefacing up.Bub uses the slit as a handle and chews on the other side 😊

You just don’t want to go too close to the rim, or bub will end up with bare ice on their knuckles.

(Visit Instagram featured Tips & How to to see how the kids react!)

We’ve had even more heartwarming feedback -

- as they start getting into feeding, where the soft silicone and bub’s own opportunity to go softly, softly on their breaking skin as they self-feed, offers a happy alternative to any silicone tipped spoon. At least, according to Bree’s experience with her 7 month old:

Hi Alix!
Got our mashblox…. Love them already!
Phoebe hasn’t eaten this much in weeks! Her teeth are sore ☹
She’s just smashed some avo, carrot & zuchinni :D”
Then: “I’m just happy she’s eating something!!!

She returned a few days later to add: “Oh god I love them!!!!!!”

(I can’t tell you how wide this stuff makes me beam 😁 )

Before you ask:

Mashblox are voluntarily certified to Australian New Zealand standard ISO 8124.1: Safety of mechanical properties of toys for children up to and including 36 months of age.

(Translation: no pieces are likely to come off under foreseeable conditions of natural use or abuse and present a choking hazard, and nor are they at risk of swallowing the whole thing)


Feature image credit: @sophiewarran, Instagram. RePosted with permission. 

If you require expert advice for your child, you should consult an appropriate expert. Views expressed on this site, particularly about the importance and implications of self-feeding, are those of author Alix O'Hara, and do not necessarily reflect conventional opinions. They are not necessarily the views of Mashblox Pty Ltd or any affiliate of the group.