Mashblox Tips For The Busy Mum

Are you always run off your feet, with your head in a million places (and some days, pieces too), with five parallel deadlines for what– you’re-almost-sure-you-haven’t-forgotten, and possibly wearing an item of clothing inside out?

… Or maybe it’s not quite so bad as that most days, but it’s such a habit to feel that way that you might be guilty or anxious in the lull.

Me Too!! 😁

I don’t have kids, but. I can only imagine what it might be like to have a little human’s existence at stake if you drop the ball, rather than just a startup baby. Actually, I can’t really. But maybe one day 😊

I do have some tips for you though, and yes, they involve Mashblox.

Pre-prep. I’m sure you already do this, and there are more eloquent bloggers, and far more talented, pragmatic cooks to guide you on how.  Instead I offer a list of hacks that you may not have thought of:


I’ve discovered that Mashblox make *great* brekkie tools: prep them overnight and if you don’t have time to sit in the morning, then they’ll come in the car, walk or public transport without having to pack a whole lunch.

One block will get me through til lunchtime fairly comfortably if I grab a coffee somewhere.

Set overnight:

 Bang together in the morning:

  • Chia pudding
  • Bircher muesli
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Porridge


    And for the kids:

    • Yoghurt and banana
    • Rice cereal
    • Weetbix and milk
    • Fresh puree


    Court, professional business owner, university student and Mum of two (14 months and 4 years) and all-round superwoman told us:

    “I find standing there feeding them really tedious when busy”

    I love that this is something they can use themselves.”


    Lunch & snacks:

    •  Leave a stash of nuts in your handbag. 
      (They’re also great for vitamins, mints, gum)  
    • They fit a nice quantity of leftover muffin, without getting smooshed into a serviette 
      ProTip: Get your coffee date to hold it open for you
    • One handed salad! 

      A cube’s not going to fill you up, but it might tide you over. 
      ProTip: the dressing helps the leaves slip out of the blox. 👍
    • #WasteFree yoghurt

      (I also recommend Tupperware's Freezer Mates for sensible 1 & 2 pack containers)

    Lunchbox leftovers:

    • Meatloaf, quiche or frittata, baked inside
    • Lasagne, baked inside
    • Pasta & sauce: sauce goes in first, then push in the cooked pasta spirals
    • Mash roast veggies 👌

    We haven’t gotten around to manufacturing accessories, like a plug or seal yet, but if you grabbed a set of Tupperware Sandwich Keepers before they discontinued the line, then they actually create a *water tight* seal on four. I’ve tested this.

    Four food-filled Mashblox sitting upright in a Tupperware Sandwich-Keeper

    But the best part is dinner, I’m told -

    Tori, Alessio’s Mum first chimed in to tell us that he “- loves his Mashblox... but not as much as me!!! How else can you allow a 9 month old to feed themselves weetbix?”

    (Those are her exclamation marks)

    But then also –

    He loves his food however the big thing I’ve noticed since using Mashblox is I now get to eat my dinner hot... I was always feeding Alessio and by the time I got to eat it’s really cold

    She also told me that no one wants to see my bare shoulders in my instructional videos when they’ve slept four hours and may be wearing an infant’s vomit. Fair enough! 🤣🤣 I changed tact for the next shoot 😉👍 

    But I’m sure this will appeal to many: by making good foods fun by putting them inside, some of the objections that kids might raise are removed, such as how yuck the family dinner that they haven’t even tasted looks.

    They get to have a special meal – without you having to prepare something specially.


    Instagram’s where the party’s at these days, so please do let me know if any of these come in handy, or others you discover for yourself 😊

    • Alix, Mashblox Inventor Founder CEO

    You can tell I’m not a Mum, right? Lucky I told you upfront 😉

    Image credits: 

    "Wonder woman-Superman-Superhero", Free for commercial use, ErikaWittlieb, Pixabay. Forgive the alluded gender roles. Men can be extraordinarily efficient too, but my observation is that women seem to overcome greater stress levels about it.  

    Tupperware pic taken by @camilleaniversario of INVINCIBLE.SHE