Back Me Up, Dad!

Hi everyone,


I've created another blog that will surely melt your hearts! I dedicate this to all great Dads out there, especially to the best 'back- up Dads' who are willing to take in charge when 'working-mums' are out. 

My name is Cecille, Customer Service Specialist - Mashblox Pty Ltd. I'll take you to another fun-filled and heartfelt experience of being a parent. 


'When mum is out, back me up Dad!'


I don't want to take the limelight from Dads out there who are brave enough to take care of their little ones. They are man enough to show love and affection. They are good in changing diapers, sterilized feeding bottles, laundry warriors and superheros during fun, restless times.

In this modern set up where some women don't need to stay at home to be called 'mum' and/or 'wife', I began to appreciate and look at my own household .

My husband takes care of our three-year old while I'm out in the office. He had to give up his little business and take in-charge in nurturing our child. There were opportunities along with furniture upholstery and carpentry where he assist my father-in-law without taking so much time away from our son. We both decided the importance of taking care of our son while he's young. We know what's best for him more than anyone else.

While I'm a working-mum, he let him feed himself in the morning with milk, oatmeal and crackers. I wouldn't be this confident to leave my three-year old everyday if it's not because of my husband. We both know what to teach him and we both know the 'hows and whys' and the 'yes and nos' when he wants something or when he laughs, when he cries.

He understands my son's language when I seem not to figure it out. Dad seems to 'know it all' when he dives deeper than just doing necessary things versus taking time to learn so he can do it carefully and lovingly.

I believe that no one can nurture a child better than the child's parents. A parent's love is pure and balanced perfectly. There were carriers and guardians who can do this job properly but not equally and perfectly as mum and dad does.

There was a time when my son was nearly six months old when I left my job to take care of him while my husband was the one in-charged in our finances. I never regret every single moment I watched my son fall asleep and wake up in the morning wearing his toothless smile.

I gave all my heart and time when he was turning one. When it was time for me to step out, Dad back me up...

He's expert in multitasking household chores and playing with our little one at the same time. He put in the clothes inside the dryer while there's tiny little fingers wrapped around his neck. This kid is an orchid! He always want to be cuddled and carried by his dad.

There are times when I'm not in the mood to move around and our son turns to his dad. Mums do need to recharge sometimes. In times when I need to slow down, dad is there to keep things going. He makes piggyback-time more fun than the horses at the carousel. Dad can wash the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry, dust the room, chuck the woods, cook meals and rock our son to sleep on afternoon naps.

He still have time to make a perfect coffee in the morning and wake up as early as I am. I have notes posted on the wall or in the mirror if my son is taking meds. Before I left, there's this never ending reminders about healthy meals, porridge is ideal, carrots are good, let him eat an apple a day or have him drink plenty of water. He seems to remember it all but end up forgetting one.

He's the ultimate 'time and mood saver' when I get too tired to even put my son's pajamas on or give his vitamins, he's there to back me up all the time.

I couldn't be more grateful to have such a supportive husband and dad to my son. It's too much to say that he's man enough to take his time, effort and pride to stay at home and watch our son grow up. He would tell me what our son did the whole day. It was like I'm around the whole time even when I'm out. He's my eyes to watch over my son, when he stumble yet bravely stand without even a tear fall. He's there when I need to have someone back me up when I blow up my mind because of the clatters and chaos of being in a state of hormonal imbalance.

'When mum is out, Dad back me up!'

Our son knows our cues. Who's in the mood for fun or who's willing to sing him a lullaby. I know how time flies so fast and time isn't enough to fill the gaps sometimes, but I am confident that I have a loving husband and my son's dad to back me up when it's time to teach him the 'hows and whys' while growing up.

Beyond understanding it is called sacrifice and unconditional love to take in-charge of a role that needs no experts but only pure and genuine love.

It is true that there's nothing like 'mama's love' but when dad step up, it's more than anything that lasts.

Salute to all the back up Dads! You all rock!