A Tribute to Mashblox as a Wonderful Creation

 “I was delighted and quite touched to receive this testimonial letter from Ces,“The Voice on the Phone”. Since first meeting her, she’s demonstrated such engaged personal passion for my Mashblox product and mission.. It’s wonderful to meet someone that intuitively understands what I’m working to achieve, and prepared to do so much to help.

Thankyou very much to Cecille for the feedback. It means a lot 

 I’m really pleased to hear that your grandma is giving Mashblox a go too.

 Please let her know that I also use them whenever cutlery is difficult, e.g. scrambled eggs in the car, or for a handbag snack; and that while they’re also being tested for aged care in Australia, she and Yzekiel are both pioneers for the Philippines!

 Best regards,

Alix O’Hara, Mashblox Inventor, Founder, CEO"


I am talking as a mum having discovered such a wonderful creation from one of the most humble and creative people I’ve ever known. Alix O’hara who is the inventor, founder and CEO of Mashblox, created something I call ‘heaven-sent’ for our dearest bubs.

I can’t emphasize enough how fulfilling it is to be a mum but her creation of Mashblox would demonstrate such a genuine concern and pure love only mums have. A true mum-by-heart kind of person I ever knew.

Her thoughtful creation of mashblox has helped many parents who wanted to give the best to their bubs. We have various principles when it comes to raising a child but it all boils down to doing the best for them.

My own impression when I got to know Mashblox was just ‘wow’! I was in great awe that someone was able to invent this for kids when she’s not even a mother yet to a ‘real bub’ so I was really amazed. I was in great astonishment that mashblox do exist. I feel like this should be brought to the awareness of many parents.

Mashblox is starting to be noticed and becoming popular through word of mouth. Testimonials from parents mostly from Australia reflect how effective this self-feeding tool is for their bubs. Overseas, I’m one grateful mum to say “My son Yzekiel is so lucky to get mashblox introduced to him while he’s in the very stage that he’s learning how to eat right, eat healthy and eat properly by not making so much mess on his shirt when we’re out or just having family meal time.

"Mashblox can help us parents nurture our child while implementing the right values and it can make a big change a smooth transition"

Moreover, I have  discovered mashblox can make my very active child behave inside the church while curiously checking what I put inside his mashblox basically what things I brought for him inside his bag to keep him entertained not roaming around. Instead he just stays on his seat. I know this age can be tricky because they’re learning the proper values about how to act and do the right thing when growing up. The good thing about discovering things that can help us parents nurture our child while implementing the right values, is that it can make a big change a smooth transition. I mean when we introduce good nutritious food mashblox is a great help. When we take them out to a new place, mashblox can help to divert their attention when they get bored or feel like moving around. Of course we have to let our kids play outside, play actively and discover new things around them but when they’re in a situation that they need to stay in one place- Mashblox is a great help!

I discovered my ninety-five year-old grandmother is so curious about mashblox when we go to her house on weekends. She watches Yzekiel squeezing and eating spaghetti out of his mashblox. I thought that would also give her some thrill because my grandma doesn’t have teeth anymore and she’s sometimes a ‘fussy eater’ when she feels it’s the same thing she has to shove in her mouth. I grab one of the spare mashblox and put some oats and fruits that she usually pushes away when put in a bowl and wonderfully she takes it and eats it the way Yzekiel did it.

Grandma and Yzekiel are best buddies when it comes to play time and eating time whenever we visit her on weekends. I was so regretful being so excited watching them eat together that I failed to take a picture or a video of this wonderful moment while using a wonderful creation such as mashblox.

It’s the reason why I’ve written such a personal insight into how this wonderful scenario of my 2 year old son and 95 year old grandma somehow discovered such a great fun way to enjoy food and enjoy life regardless of being young and being old.


-Cecille De Guzman