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Mashblox Self-Feeding Research Case

At intervals I've been asked to support my claims about the lifelong benefits of infant self-feeding and what this has to do with Mashblox: but they rarely want to read the full five pages that I submitted to the Australian Senate inquiry into childhood obesity. This is the most succinctly I can document the case, Mashblox' significance, and how and why we're partnering with Universities around the world for our self-feeding research (and why they'd even be interested).

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Mashblox and One Experience with Speech Pathology

“We’re starting to get wonderful feedback from qualified speech pathologists about how they’re using our product to coach their little patrons onto different foods, we’re always delighted to hear of more creative applications for Mashblox to help kids and their parents. Our dear customer service specialist Cecille has been kind enough to share her journey with her son’s speech delay, and how she’s using Mashblox to make learning about more than food fun.
- Alix, Inventor, Founder, CEO”

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