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Mashblox and One Experience with Speech Pathology

“We’re starting to get wonderful feedback from qualified speech pathologists about how they’re using our product to coach their little patrons onto different foods, we’re always delighted to hear of more creative applications for Mashblox to help kids and their parents. Our dear customer service specialist Cecille has been kind enough to share her journey with her son’s speech delay, and how she’s using Mashblox to make learning about more than food fun.
- Alix, Inventor, Founder, CEO”

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Submission to the Senate Committee on the Obesity Epidemic in Australia

This submission to the Senate was to draw attention to the consolidated case for infant self-feeding as an obesity prevention initiative, simply by supporting development of health self-regulation habits.
The bottom line is that no country has - or will - reduce their obesity rate simply by providing information on healthy diet and exercise patterns.
This hasn't worked in 188 countries in 30+ years because dietary habits set from infancy are the biggest contributor; typical scapegoats of poor diet and exercise are merely exacerbating factors.
Intervention is needed in earliest stages, and self-feeding can makes things so much less stressful for child and parent – if given the right tools for messier foods.

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